What kind of data management software is there?

diasend® is a web-based system for easy uploading of data from your insulin pump, glucose meter, and CGM – which you can share with your authorized healthcare professional from the convenience of home. The data is consolidated into clear and structured reports and graphs to provide you and your healthcare team with useful insight and analysis tools to review what’s working and to identify strategies for minimizing highs and lows.

How can Animas<sup>®</sup> Vibe<sup>®</sup> make bolus calculations easier? Does it help with the math?

Yes. One of the key benefits of pumping is having your Insulin-to-Carb ratios and Insulin Sensitivity Factors programmed right into your Animas® pump, making dose calculations a lot easier - and giving you the ability to deliver insulin in tiny increments for fine-tuned control.


Is Animas<sup>®</sup> Vibe<sup>®</sup> waterproof?

Absolutely. We designed our pumps to be truly waterproof – not just “water-resistant” or “splashproof”. The Animas® Vibe® insulin pump is proven waterproof at 12 feet (3.6 metres) for 24 hours. You shouldn’t have to disconnect your pump and interrupt insulin delivery when in contact with water!


Note: CGM readings may not be displayed when in water.