The Animas difference

The Animas story

Many of us at Animas have diabetes ourselves, or have family members that do. So we think hard and often about what we want and need most when it comes to getting the most out of life with diabetes. A common theme comes up again and again: performance.

It's a big, shiny word that's usually reserved for athletes, musicians, and sports cars. But to us, the idea of performance is for everyone. It means that you're free and able to do your best every day, whatever it is that you set out to do.

Your OneTouch® Ping® or Animas® Vibe® pump is one part of the performance equation. The other part is the people behind the pump and system. In other words, us. And we go above and beyond to make sure you have all the tools to manage your diabetes so you can perform at your best, whatever that means to you.