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Frequently Asked Questions

Animas® Vibe® insulin pump

OneTouch® Ping® system

Locked Pump

Battery Questions: All Pumps

Battery Cap

Air Bubbles

Pump Supplies

Travel and Recreation Questions: All Pumps

Infusion Sets



Animas® Vibe® insulin pump


Q: Is there a meter-remote with Animas® Vibe®?

A: There is no meter-remote. You have the freedom to choose whichever blood glucose meter you prefer.


Q: Can I purchase the Animas® Vibe® pump without having to use the CGM capabilities?

A: The Animas® Vibe® pump was designed to be flexible, so the pump is fully functional and can be used with or without the CGM feature.


Q: Is there a way to easily access the CGM screens without going through the main menu?

A: Yes, there is a shortcut. You can wake up the pump to your last CGM screen by simply clicking on the Contrast button at the top of the pump.


Q: Is there software for use with Animas® Vibe® insulin pump?

A: Yes. You will receive a wireless download cable with your pump, along with instructions on how to install the web-based Diasend® Uploader. You can then upload and view your blood glucose and insulin data online and share it with your healthcare provider


OneTouch® Ping® system


Q: If I own a OneTouch® Ping® insulin pump and meter-remote, can I still get access to continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology?

A: Yes. You may purchase the Dexcom G4® PLATINUM CGM system, which operates independently from the insulin pump.


Q: Can I use more than one meter-remote at a time with OneTouch® Ping®?

A: No. When you get started, you’ll pair your OneTouch® Ping® meter-remote with your OneTouch® Ping® pump. Once paired, that is the only meter-remote that will be able to connect (via radio frequency) with your pump. If you want to use a different OneTouch® Ping® meter-remote, you’ll have to unpair your existing meter-remote and then pair a new meter-remote to your pump. We have designed the system this way for safety reasons.


This only applies when you use a OneTouch® Ping® meter-remote to control your pump. You can use a different blood glucose meter to test your blood glucose at any time and manually enter that information into the pump.


Q: We have multiple pumpers in our house. Can we all use a different OneTouch® Ping® without interference?

A: Absolutely. One of the first steps in setting up your OneTouch® Ping® system is to pair your meter-remote to your pump. Once you have paired your meter-remote with your specific pump, only they can "ping" each other information.


Q: What if I purchase the OneTouch® Ping® system but prefer not to use the meter-remote?

A: OneTouch® Ping® was designed to be flexible, so the pump is fully functional without the meter-remote. You can manually input your blood glucose value from any meter of your choosing into the pump for bolus calculations. However, if you choose not to use the OneTouch® Ping® meter-remote, you won't be able to bolus remotely and won't be able to access the food database feature, which resides in the meter-remote.


Q: What if I forget my meter-remote?

A: If you forget your meter-remote, you will still be able to control the pump manually. If you have another meter available, you can manually enter your blood glucose values and still use the bolus calculator on the pump.


Q: What if I lose my meter-remote? Will I ever be able to connect another OneTouch® Ping® meter-remote to my OneTouch® Ping® pump?

A: Yes. If you lose your OneTouch® Ping® meter-remote, you may purchase another. You will be able to "pair" the new meter-remote with your existing pump. We would be more than happy to walk you through the process. Please call 1-866-406-4844 for assistance.


Q: Can I purchase a second meter-remote to have as a spare?

A: Yes. Contact Animas Canada at 1-866-406-4844 to purchase a spare meter remote. Your OneTouch® Ping® comes with one meter-remote, but you have the option of purchasing a spare. It is important to note, however, that your pump will only work with one meter-remote at a time. When you change to another meter-remote, you will have to unpair the previous meter-remote from your system. Then you will have to pair your spare meter-remote to your OneTouch® Ping® pump. We would be more than happy to walk you through the process. Please call Pump Support at 1-877-937-7867 for assistance.


Q: Is there software for use with OneTouch® Ping®?

A: Yes. We will be shipping your OneTouch® Ping® system with ezManager® Max software (only used for uploading a food database into your meter-remote), and information on how to install Diasend® online diabetes management software with data and reports you can share with your healthcare professional.


Q: What kinds of advantages does OneTouch® Ping® have versus other systems available today?

A: In addition to the industry-leading technology you’ve come to expect from Animas® insulin pumps (i.e., high contrast colour screen, lowest basal increment for fine-tuned control, waterproof durability, customizable food database), OneTouch® Ping® gives you the option to use the meter-remote or the pump for many glucose management functions like calculating and delivering a bolus. In essence, both pump and meter-remote are "smart," fully functional devices. OneTouch® Ping® is the first system to integrate a full function insulin pump with a blood glucose meter that is also a remote control for the pump.


Locked Pump


Q: The word "Locked" is on my pump screen. What does this mean?

A: The Animas pump has a tamper-resistant feature allowing you to lock the pump to prevent accidental button pressing. The pump will continue to deliver your basal insulin even if this feature is activated. To lock the pump, simply wake up the pump and press and hold the Up and Down arrow buttons at the same time until the screen reads "Locked." It is highly recommended that young children and those wearing the pump in their pocket use this feature.


Q: My pump is locked, how do I unlock it?

A: To unlock your pump, complete the following steps.

  1. Press any button to wake the pump up, the screen will read "locked"

  2. Press and hold the up and the down arrows at the same time until you hear a beep. The screen display returns to home screen.


Q: Can I still receive alarms and warnings when my pump is locked?

A: Yes, the pump will alarm as normal.


Q: Am I receiving my basal insulin when my pump is locked?

A: Yes, the pump still delivers your basal insulin when the pump is locked.


Battery Questions: All Pumps


Q : What type of battery can my pump use?

A: Your pump is designed to achieve optimum performance and battery longevity with an Energizer Lithium L91 AA battery (1.5V)


Q: Can I use an Alkaline AA battery in my pump?

A: Yes, it is possible to safely power your pump with a conventional alkaline battery 1.5V, but the battery life is significantly reduced. Be sure you select the correct Battery Type on the VERIFY screen when you change the battery to ensure accuracy of battery life indicator.


Q: Can I use a rechargeable, carbon-zinc or high energy 3.6V or 4.0V AA lithium battery in my pump?

A: No, these batteries must not be used in your pump. Use of these batteries could damage your pump and will void your warranty.


Q: I just changed my battery. Why is my pump saying 0 units on the home/wake up screen but there is insulin in the cartridge?

A: A battery change requires a complete rewind, load and prime. DO NOT start these steps until you have disconnected the infusion set from your body.


Battery Cap


Q: How often does the battery cap need to be changed?*

A: It is recommended that you change the battery cap/vent every six (6) months. If you work in a dusty environment such as a construction site, mill, cement factory, etc., or if you are a frequent swimmer, you should change your battery cap every three (3) months. Battery caps can be ordered by calling 1-866-406-4844.

* For Animas® IR 1200 series, Animas® 2020, OneTouch® Ping®, and Animas® Vibe® insulin pumps only.


Q: Why should I have a back up battery cap?

A: The pump will not work without the proper battery cap attached.


Air Bubbles


Q: I noticed my cartridge and tubing have air bubbles in them. What could be the cause?

A: Bubbles can form in the cartridge for a number of reasons. These include drawing the insulin into the cartridge too fast, not having the cartridge needle tightly secured when drawing insulin from the vial, using refrigerated insulin, and not having a tight Luer lock connection .


To help avoid bubbles, check to make sure the needle is tightly secured to the cartridge before drawing the insulin, draw the insulin slowly from the vial into the cartridge, and be sure to use insulin that is at room temperature. Also, when removing the blue plunger handle take special care not to pull on the plunger itself as this will draw air into the cartridge.


Pump Supplies


Q: Who do I call for supplies?

A: Animas pumpers should call Animas Customer Care at 1-866-406-4844 for supplies.


Travel and Recreation Questions: All Pumps


Q: Can I go through the metal detector at the airport with my pump?

A: Yes, the walk-through and the wand are OK. However, the pump cannot be exposed to X-rays.


Q: Can I swim with my pump**?

A: Yes, the pump is waterproof in up to 3.6 metres (12 feet) of water for up to 24 hours. Before swimming, it is always recommended to do a visual inspection of the pump and battery cap. Deep scratches, cracks, a loose keypad, and/or seeing the O-ring on the battery cap could indicate that your pump is no longer waterproof. If you see any damage or have a concern, do not expose the pump to water. Call Pump Support immediately at 1-877-937-7867. Make sure the battery cap is seated properly and that the battery cap has been changed as instructed by the owner's booklet.

**The OneTouch® Ping® meter-remote must not be exposed to water.


Q: What precautions do I need to follow at an amusement park ride with my pump?

A: Very powerful electromagnets are sometimes used on "free-fall" amusement park rides. Insulin pumps should be removed and not taken on these "free-fall" types of rides.


High gravity forces can be experienced when riding on some roller coasters. It is recommended that you disconnect (NOT suspend) the pump while on roller-coaster rides.


Infusion Sets


Q: My healthcare professional wants me to try a different infusion set. How can I get a sample?

A: You can request a sample of an infusion set from Customer Care at 1-866-406-4844 between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST.


Q: I received a sample infusion set but I am unsure how to use it, where can I get instructions?

A: Consult the Instructions for Use that were included with your sample. If you still have questions, you may wish to contact your healthcare professional for instructions. You can also view instructions for use at


Q: How can I keep my infusion sets attached during hot weather or exercise?

A: Using a skin preparation product, such as Skin-prep®, will help keep your infusion sets attached during hot weather or exercise. The infusion set can also be reinforced with the use of a transparent dressing. If perspiration is a problem, you can also try using an antiperspirant (not a deodorant) under the infusion set adhesive. It is important to always check your infusion site following exercise or perspiration. It is important to contact your healthcare provider to determine what may work best for you or if you have allergies or skin sensitivities.




Q: I need to return my pump as part of a warranty exchange. How do I do that?

A: For technical assistance with your insulin pump, please contact Animas Pump Support at
1-877-937-7867. Upon issuance of a warranty exchange order from Animas Pump Support, you will be contacted by an Animas Canada Customer Care representative. Your Animas Canada Customer Care representative will send you complete warranty exchange instructions, along with a new replacement pump. When you receive your replacement pump, please follow these instructions:

  1. Remove the battery and any accessory that is attached to the pump you are returning.

  2. Make sure the cartridge cap and battery cap are secured to the pump.

  3. Place the pump you are returning into the protective plastic case in which your replacement pump arrived, and then place this pump into the padded envelope provided with your replacement pump shipment.

  4. Complete your address information in the required field on the shipping label and securely seal the envelope closed.

  5. Check the shipping label for the name of the return shipping company. Please check the appropriate company’s website to locate the nearest drop box or shipping location.

    Remember to write down the return tracking number located on the shipping label, so you can track the package's progress on the shipping company's website.


    Please note that it can take several days to confirm the receipt of your package after it has been delivered to Animas. Someone may contact you requesting the return of the item during this time.


Q: My pump was lost/stolen. What do I do to get another pump?

A: A lost or stolen pump is not covered under the Animas technical warranty. Please contact your homeowner's insurance company to see if they will cover the cost of a replacement pump. Some insurance companies will allow you to put a rider on the pump.


The information made available on the Animas website is not intended to be used or viewed as a substitute for consultation with a healthcare professional. The information provided on this site cannot be the basis for diagnosis or therapy. You are advised to obtain professional advice and should always discuss your treatment plan with your healthcare team.