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Introducing Dexcom G4®

The latest in sensor technology.

Discover exceptional performance and protection1,2 that Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring delivers.


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Elegant Simplicity


The Dexcom G4® combines the latest glucose sensor technology with user-friendly features for exceptional performance and convenience.


Help Take the Guesswork Out of
Diabetes Management

With trending graphs and directional arrows, the Dexcom G4® lets you know where your glucose is, where it’s going, how fast it’s geting there and may help you avoid serious hypoglecemic episodes6.

Adults3* Performance Metrics

Overall Accuracy
Mean ARD% (MARD), 2.2-22.2 mmol/L

(Consistent performance between each sensor)


Sensor to Sensor Variation
Percent Coefficient of Variation, CV

(% average absolute error versus reference across all glucose levels)

0.7 mmol/L

Hypoglycemia Accuracy

[Mean Absolute Difference (MAD) between 2.2-4.4 mmol/L]

Day1: 17%
Day2: 11%
Day3: 12%

Accuracy Over Time
Mean ARD% (MARD), 2.2-22.2 mmol/L

(Consistent sensor performance over time) Average Daily Calibration 2X/day

when lower better

Adults3* Performance Metrics

Clinical Accuracy
% of readings that were in the Clarke Error Grid A Zone

[% CEG A+B Zone]


Sensor Life

% of sensors that last up to 7 day use

when higher better

* Reference is YSI (Yellow Springs Laboratory Instrument)