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Accessorize and protect
your pump

Your pump keeps you looking and feeling good. Why not return the favour?

Insulin pump skins and accessories

We know you pumpers like living the active life. But all that rough and tumble can be tough on your pump. And sometimes, accidents do happen. Sure, Animas pumps are made to be durable. Even so, you should protect such an important investment.


Luckily, Animas has a range of accessories to keep your pump safe and keep you
looking good.


Pump skins


A skin is your first line of protection. Made of thick, flexible rubber, skins help protect against the bumps and bruises of daily living. With 8 colours to choose from, our skins don’t just protect—they look good, too.

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Not only do carry cases and clips help keep your pump in good shape, they make life easy for you, allowing you to carry your pump on your belt, outside your pocket, and even in your bra. Now you can save your pockets for tissues and change.

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Belts, clips, and bags


These accessories help you place the pump where you want discretely. Choose from belts that go around your waist, thigh, or lower leg, bags that are ideal for travel or for clipping to your waistband, and clips that attach to the back of your pump.

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