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OneTouch® and Animas®

Great minds think alike

OneTouch and Animas: Partners in Performance
OneTouch and Animas: Partners in Performance

OneTouch® and Animas® are brands proudly offered by organizations within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Together, we're on a mission: to make diabetes exceedingly manageable in every way.

It's a mission that's close to our hearts, because diabetes is no stranger to us. Many of us have diabetes ourselves or have people close to us who do. So we know what it’s like to eat, sleep, work and live with diabetes every day. We at Animas Canada have long been big fans of insulin pumps because they can help make living well possible in ways that are different from taking multiple injections.


So we asked ourselves: is there a way to make pumping even smarter?


OneTouch® and Animas®. We put our heads together, and look what happened.

OneTouch® Ping® is the glucose management system with the brains to help you manage your diabetes so you can perform at your best.


The OneTouch® Ping® has two brains, actually: the OneTouch® Ping® insulin pump and the OneTouch® Ping® meter-remote.


In addition to a brilliant pump with great features, you also have a meter-remote that communicates with your pump. In fact, OneTouch® Ping® is the first system in which both pump and meter-remote have a full set of functions. So you have the option to calculate and give yourself an insulin dose wirelessly using your meter-remote, or manually using your pump, whichever you prefer. And it comes with something else no other pump system does: dedicated Animas support.


Don't worry. We still have the supplies and customer support you're used to.

We're just a phone call away for our 24/7 pump support at 1-877-937-7867. To order supplies, contact Animas Canada Customer Care
at 1-866-406-4844.


LifeScan will continue its leadership in blood glucose monitoring

LifeScan is a Johnson & Johnson Company and manufacturer of OneTouch® blood glucose monitoring products. LifeScan provided the OneTouch® Ultra® Meter technology in the OneTouch® Ping® meter-remote. In Canada, the OneTouch® Ultra® Brand is the #1 test strip among insulin patients.¹


¹ Brogan Test Strip Rx Dynamics® – National Private Drug Plan Providers Database and Ontario Drug Benefit Database (January 2006 – December 2010).